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I'm interested in: My family. First and always. Music, especially The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Cracker, Camper van Beethoven, Queen, The White Stripes, The Foo Fighters, Oasis and a whole bunch of other bands too numerous to name. The Sims. Advances in thyroid treatment. Heck. Advances in ANY medical treatment. Yoga. Cooking, especially baking. History. Creative ads and music videos. Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry especially will perk up my ears and eyes. Anime. Yes. Anime. Samaurai Champloo is my favorite. Also, I like Inuyasha, FullMetal Alchemist, Death Note, Gravitation, Fruits Basket, and a few I'm a bit embarrassed to list. Great people who aren't game-players and don't see me as something to use. NASCAR. I'm not interested in: People trying to sell me something. Romantic relationships outside of the one I have. Chain letters of ANY sort. Liars. Condescending people. Adopt a Pocky! (Mine is dark chocolate. Yum!)
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The Daily Overlook A great place to start when you want to know just what people with too much time on their hands do to keep busy!

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I'm 63% freak!!

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